Cetaan Booster

Product number: : 12305
Instead of Lead must be added at each refueling (10ml to 10 liters of gasoline).


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Cetaan Booster
The cetane rate has a large influence on the quality of the burning of the fuel. The higher the cetane rate, the faster the diesel will burn. The cetane rate is a measure for the combustion quality. The higher the cetane rate, the more inflammable the diesel is. However moisture is for many diesel engines a potential problem. Moisture in diesel makes that the cetane rate decreases. Bardahl Cetane booster raises cetane rate up to 5 points. The diesel will burn quicker and more entirely,
Always read the instructions on the label before you add the product. Do not add more than prescribed times, this can have a detrimental effect.
Category: Car
Contents: 500 ML
Filter: Diesel additives