Diesel Treatment

Product number: : 13102
Bardahl Diesel Treatment will clean these openings while running the engine.


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Diesel Treatment
Diesel Treatment (cleaner combustion=saving)
It is generally accepted that the energy generated by spontaneous ignition does not have that efficiency as that of controlled combustion. Control over this combustion process is significantly improved by the addition of Bardahl's "polar organic" constituents. A more complete combustion of the fuels is also obtained for catalytic action. This means less fuel consumption, less pollution of the combustion chamber and higher power.
A second reason to use Bardahl Diesel Treatment is to prevent and remove the formation of fuel varnisch. The air/fuel ratio is adversely affected if the nozzles become clogged, partially or even completely, by varnish.
Bardahl Diesel Treatment will clean these openings while running the engine. This saves a lot of time and valuable tools to clean and keep the atomizers and fuel pump clean.
Another advantage of this product is that it acts as a "fuel dryer", which absorbs the moisture (in small quantities in the fuel) and lets it burn. If this moisture is not removed, it causes accelerated varnish development.
In petrol, the octane number is the factor indicating the combustion value in an engine; in diesels, this barometer is called the cetane number. As diesel ages, the cetane number will decrease in level. 
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