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For all the motor oil, petrol or diesel you can add additives. Depending on the specification of motor oil, there is a certain additive package you can add. Think of Long-Life motor oil; this oil contains a package of oil additives to make sure that the maintenance interval is extra long. In the fuel you buy also additives are added for cleaning and lubrication of more...


In practice, it appears that the fuel additives and oil additives in the motor oil, petrol or diesel are not always sufficient. Below are some common, no special, practical situations where car engines are heavily loaded.... read more...

Range Additives

Additionally Bardahl has an extensive range of oil additives and fuel additives which you can use when there are problems or when you want to solve problems. Think of motor leakage (engine stop leak), leaking gearbox (Automatic Transmission Stop Leak / Manual Gear Box Stop Leak), leaking radiator (Radiator Stop Leak), dirty EGR valve (EGR kit), etc.... read more..

My Renault Megane 1.5 diesel with 330,000 km treats with this product. After a few hundred km it was noticeable. The engine reacts much more directly and the soot emissions are considerably less. I am very satisfied now 2000km further, the result is that the combustion is much better and my partner said: what has happened to the car is now much more direct. I ordered a new can to repeat the treatment 1 more time for the MOT :-)

Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner Bardahl

The turbo cleaner poured into the diesel tank and driven around 3000-3500 rpm with a warm engine. Indeed, the engine power is now back because the turbo now does what it has to do again! Good stuff, but pricey... But better than disassembling!" Very fast delivery. Helpful people are happy to help you. Also about how and in what way to use the products.

Bardahl Turbo Reiniger Bardahl