Brake Fluid DOT 4 Synthetic

Product number: : 53502
It is advisable to carefully read the instructions and information on the brake fluid packaging and ensure that the product is fully miscible with the brake fluid in the car’s brake system.



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Brake Fluid DOT 4 Synthetic
Brake fluids are products that have to do with safety. Only products produced by reputable chemical
companies can certify them and offer a guarantee. It is advisable to carefully read the instructions and information on the brake fluid packaging and ensure that the product is fully miscible with the brake fluid in the car’s brake system.

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Contents: 1 Liter
ApplicationBardahl longlife Cooling Fluid -38°C G12+ offers superior engine protection with its advanced Organic Acid Technology (OAT), ensuring long-lasting defense against frost and corrosion for over 700,000 km or 8,000 hours. This eco-friendly, silicate-free formula is designed for modern engines, providing enhanced heat transfer and cavitation protection while being compatible with major vehicle brands. It's the preferred choice for maintaining optimal engine performance with minimal maintenance.

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