Carburateur Cleaner

Product number: : 1110B
Bardahl Carburateur Cleaner removes deposits and cleans carburetor. Carburetor cleaner removes gum and varnish in the fuel system. Developed for carburetor engines.


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Carburateur Cleaner
Carburetor Cleaner is specifically developed to prevent many problems that occur with carburetor engines. More than ever before, it is necessary to use a fuel additive such as the carburetor cleaner. The gasoline of the unleaded era had a lubricating effect on ignition. This ensured that carburetors did not dry out during ignition.
Due to the increasing use of ethanol in the current petrol, the fuel becomes very dry and lean. This change is disastrous for engines equipped with a carburetor.
Bardahl Carburettor Cleaner ensures that the nozzle, float, etc are cleaned. In addition, the product leaves a small oil film. The float seals properly and ensures that the nozzle can open sufficiently and does not get stuck by gum formation of unleaded petrol.
The effect?
An improved response to the accelerator. The engine turns smoother and more beautiful. Regular use of this petrol cleaner ensures that the carburetor remains clean and does not dry out.
Carburetor cleaner is suitable for every petrol and catalytic converter. Does not attack plastic or rubber gaskets.
Pay attention:
The carburetor cleaner is more friendly, less aggressive than the Fuel Injector Cleaner. Do not use Fuel Injector Cleaner for engines with a carburetor to get rid of the pollution faster. The parts of the carburetor are much more vulnerable than the modern engines.
Always read the instructions on the label before you add the injection cleaner. Do not add more than prescribed, this can have an adverse effect. 
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Contents: 500 ML
Filter: fuel additives