Product number: : 67103
Bardahl Cream Car Wax is a simple wax, enriched with carnauba wax, specially developed to get an optimal deep shine and protection during quick and easy processing. The treated paint surface gets a fresh appearance.


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Instructions for use

Applying by hand

Apply a small amount of Cream Car Wax to the surface to be treated, as thinly as possible and in one direction. Rub this with a clean, dry and soft microfiber cloth. After briefly drying, rub the product again with a dry soft microfibre cloth and polish to the desired high gloss. Long and thorough rubbing gives a good deep shine.

Applying by machine

Apply a small amount of Cream Car Wax on the surface to be treated and spread it with a soft polishing pad of the polishing machine. It is also possible to apply the Cream Car Wax directly to the soft pad of the polishing machine and then distribute it on the surface to be treated. “Polish” Cream Car Wax with the polishing machine until no product residue is visible on the paint. Work this with a soft polishing pad and at moderate speed (maximum 1500 -2000 rpm). Finally, rub with a dry, clean and soft cloth to a high gloss.