Diesel Antifreeze

Product number: : 2501
Diesel Antifreeze. Prevents cold starting problems. Protects diesel up to -30°C. Cold flow additive .



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Diesel Antifreeze
Diesel Antifreeze prevents freezing of diesel. Add this Cold Flow additive to the diesel when temperature is above 5°C. Suitable for all types of diesel: B7 / biodiesel / premium blends / GTL
Diesel Antifreeze prevents cold starting problems and corrosion resulting from paraffin wax crystals, dirt or water in the diesel fuel. Cleans the fuel system and improves combustion.
It contains a wax crystal modifier, which has proven its performance in diesel fuels worldwide. Tests have shown that this diesel additive will significantly modify flow characteristics of diesel fuel at low temperatures.
This cold flow additive was tested under field conditions to see if it could prevent filter and fuel line blockage when added to diesel fuels. Failure in these tests was defined as clogging of fuel lines or filters with wax crystals so as to prevent normal engine operation.
Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze lowers the flow point of diesel fuels, allowing engine operation a fuel storage when temperatures remain below freezing for extended periods.
Use of Diesel Antifreeze will help prevent fuel from solidifying in fuel lines, tanks, and filters. This action helps to eliminate costly thawing producers and engine damage due to fuel starvation.
Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze comes in a concentrated version. Designed to treat most fuels at a ratio of 1 liter Antifreeze per 1000 liter fuel or a ratio of 1 liter per 500 liter of fuel. The most efficient treatment ratio for a particular fuel may vary, depending upon crude source and wax content.
When adding to a vehicle fuel tank it is recommended that the additive is pored into a partially filled tank (i.e. approximately quarter full). The fuel tank should then be filled with fuel.
The additive must be added when the fuel is at least 5°C above its cloud point.
Always read the instructions on the label before you add the product. Do not add more than prescribed times, this can have a detrimental effect.
Category: Car, Marine, Motorhome
Contents: 100 ML
Filter: Diesel additives