Diesel Conditioner - BDC

Product number: : 1201
Bardahl Diesel Conditioner (BDC) is a comprehensive diesel additive that keeps diesel free of moisture and bacterial growth that cause pollution. Especially for larger fuel tanks such as those of boats, tractors and storage tanks.


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Diesel Conditioner - BDC
Attribute Description
Moisture removal: Removes moisture from the fuel, prevents rust and bacteria formation, and protects the complete fuel system.
Cleaner Combustion: Prevents carbon deposits, cleans injectors and fuel lines, resulting in less exhaust gases and lower fuel consumption.
Higher Power: Improved atomization of diesel in the cylinders for higher efficiency and power.
Clean Atomizers: Keeps injectors clean, prevents clogging and loss of power.
Improved Lubrication: Increases diesel lubricity, reduces friction and energy consumption.
Pour Point Decrease: Has properties equivalent to diesel antifreeze, providing freeze protection down to -20C in summer diesel and -30C in winter diesel.