Engine Stop Leak

EAN : 50157941107B4
Product number: : 1107B
Bardahl Engine Stop Leak can be added to all engine oils to stop or strongly reduce oil leakages.


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Engine Stop Leak
Attribute Description
Operation: Prevents and reduces oil leakage from gaskets or rings, compatible with all types of engine oil, makes synthetic and natural rubber gaskets flexible again.
Troubleshooting: Restores the elasticity of rubber gaskets, removes deposits on valves and piston rings, reduces oil consumption and improves engine performance.
Effects: Increases engine performance, loosens stuck piston rings, reduces oil consumption, and is miscible with all types of engine oils.
Test results: Testing shows that gaskets expand 15% to 70% without cracking or softening, providing better sealing and less oil consumption.
Cleansing Effect: Removes deposits, keeps them in floating condition and thereby improves the functioning of piston rings and valves.
Product details: Item number 1107B, Contents 300 ml.