Foamy Lube MC Chain Lubricant

Product number: : 57504
FREE shipping above €50,- Bardahl Foamy Lube Spray is a high-pressure chain lubricant that considerably extends the service life of all types of chains, with and without O-rings.


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Foamy Lube MC Chain Lubricant
"Bardahl Foamy Lube has a feature that, in combination with the unique Bardahl ‘Polar Attraction’ formula and the special synthetic oil, the lubricant ensures an unbreakable lubricating film.
1. The crawling property ensures that the product can reach the hard-to-reach points. The capillary action also ensures that the product is pulled between the links and shafts.
2. Bardahl's polar attraction formula is made of extremely high-pressure components that adhere to the metal and form an unbreakable molecular-thin lubricating film. It smoothes the metal surface and reduces friction and wear.
3. The friction is also improved by the high-quality synthetic oil and the polymers that ensure that the lubricant is not thrown off the chain.
4. The antioxidant components ensure that no corrosion can form, resulting in rust.
5. The foaming action ensures that the lubricant is evenly distributed over the chain.

After Bardahl Foamy Chain Lube is sprayed on the chain, it adheres to the metal and provides the following properties:
1. Resist very high temperatures and pressures
2. Protect against rust and corrosion
3. Insensitive to water and electricity
4. Extending the service life of all chains, open gears, locks, etc."

Category: House, Motor, Motorhome
Contents: 400 ML
Filter: penetrating oil, technical lubricants