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Full Metal

Product number: : 2007B
Bardahl Full Metal can be used with every oil change. Thanks to the 7 anti-wear actions, this oil additive ensures a longer lifespan of your engine and maximizes performance.


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Full Metal
Attribute Description
Advanced Protection: Developed for the high mechanical demands of new generation engines, it provides preventive and curative anti-wear protection.
Anti-Abrasion Properties: Restores piston seal, increases compression ratios, reduces oil consumption, improves engine response and extends engine life.
Features: Formulated with polar organometallic molecules and Bardahl C60 Fullerene Polar+ film for instant lubrication and protection.
Scope of application: Suitable for diesel and petrol engines, including vintage cars and modern cars with catalytic converters and particulate filters.
Instructions for use: Add to warm engine crankcase after oil and filter change. 1 bottle treats up to 6 liters of oil.
Polar Attraction and Fullerene: Provides triple protection against wear, friction and deposits, ideal for engines under high loads.
Scientific Innovation: Unique Polar Attraction Formula with Fullerene molecules work like micro-ball bearings to reduce friction.
Proven in Practice: Extensively tested in motorsport and extreme conditions, significantly reduced engine wear through the use of Fullerene.
Product details: Item number 2007B, Contents 400ml.