Racing Octaan Booster

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Racing Octaan Booster
Category: Car
Contents: 300 ML
Filter: fuel additives
Racing Oil Booster + Fullerene
BARDAHL RACING OIL BOOSTER contains a unique formula made of FULLERENE molecules, that protects and covers with an unbreakable, anti-friction and pressure-resistant film all turbo and enginemetal parts. BARDAHL RACING OIL BOOSTER: -Lubricates and protects turbo and engine when cold starting and when driving under extreme conditions. -Lubricates and protects turbo and engine when the oil level is too low.-Protects turbo and engine against oil oxidation. -Thickens the oil film at high temperature without changing the oil quality and viscosity. -The biggest problem in racing engines being friction, this additive will reduce the friction in the engine by up to 70% (depending on the engine tolerances). Less friction = better engine accelerations INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Pour the complete bottle into warm engine oil. 1 bottle treats up to 6 liter of oil. Compatible with any engine oil. This additive is free of graphite, PTFE, chlorinated paraffin, ceramics.
BARDAHL RACING MANUAL GEARBOX ADDITIVE is a gear oil additive that will extend the gearbox lifespan, improve its performance and make gear shifting easier. BARDAHL RACING MANUAL GEARBOX ADDITIVE: -Reduces wear on gear teeth. -Increases gearbox performance thanks to the reduction of friction it will generate.-Lowers the operating temperature. -Reduces oxidation and protects against corrosion. -Makes gear change easier thanks to its lubricating properties. -Reduces gearbox noise. -Protects the gearbox during sprint & endurance races. Compatible with any gear oil. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Add the additive into the gearbox oil crankcase. Dosage: from 10 to 20% maximum of the oil crankcase capacity, respecting the recommended oil level. Can be mixed with any type of mineral, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic and Dexron oils.
Racing Petrol additive
BARDAHL RACING PETROL TREATMENT can be used during races or normal road driving. It is recommended to avoid the loss of power due to engine clogging and wear. BARDAHL RACING PETROL TREATMENT: - Lubricates the upper part of cylinders and piston rings, and makes up for the absorption of lead in petrol fuel. - Protects valves and valve seats against wear. - Prevents from pinking and auto-ignition.- Improves engine performance, power and responsiveness.- Disperses water from fuel. - Makes cold weather start easier. - Reduces fuel consumption. - Protects and keeps the fuel system clean. A BETTER ENGINE COMBUSTION = BETTER ENGINE ACCELERATIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Add the additive into the fuel tank before filling in with a minimum of 20L of fuel. Suitable for any type of petrol engine (injection, carburator, high pressure injection systems, turbo-charged). Compatible with catalytic converters.