XTC PSA 0W30 C2 Syntronic

Product number: : 54251
Bardahl XTC PSA 0W30 C2 Syntronic is a fully synthetic lubricant based on very high-quality base oils



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XTC PSA 0W30 C2 Syntronic
 This oil is specially developed for the PSA EURO VI Blue HDi DW10F engines with exhaust aftertreatment and turbocharger.
This specification requires high stability to ensure long oil drain intervals. In addition, the use of biofuels is taken into account. Compared to a 5W40 reference oil, a fuel saving of 4% is possible.
Bardahl XTC PSA 0W30 C2 Syntronic was first developed for mandatory use in the PSA EURO VI Blue HDi DW10F motors and in particular those equipped with e-HDI and use stop-start technology. Soot filter suitable.
This engine oil can be used in other OEM passenger cars that use this require viscosity grade and ACEA C2 performance, and thus provides an oil application for multiple vehicles.
Optimal composition for modern cars with extended service intervals.
Contents: 25 L, 60 L, 210 L
Filter: engine Oil (with particulate filter)